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RR2, 4431 Ashby Road

Prescott, ON  K0E 1T0, Canada


Stonehedge Farms

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Welcome to our website!

Stonehedge Farms is a small family owned and operated farm located near Prescott, Ontario. Living on and working as the third and fourth generation, John and Lorraine Ashby and family produce a variety of livestock, and grow crops such as soybeans, wheat, corn  and hay. In 2015, our cropping program has been enhanced and is now centred around growing high quality hay and food grade Identity-preserved (IP) soybeans.

In the last few years, our direction at Stonehedge Farms has been to raise heritage stock, to preserve and establish rare breeds, and prepare a place for the next generation.

Lincoln Red Beef
Let us introduce you to the Lincoln Red, one of the oldest English native beef breeds. A sturdy, polled animal, well fleshed with a deep rusty red coat and a wide muzzle, it is cattle ideally suited to range conditions in Canada. The Lincoln Red female makes an excellent easy calving maternal cow.

The Lincoln Red’s ability to thrive on grass and hay makes it an excellent choice for today’s health conscious market. Their docile temperament, tremendous carcass quality, and ability to completely finish on grass fit perfectly for those wanting quality, fine-grained, flavourful and tender beef.

As few completely full blood Lincoln Red herds our emphasis is on providing producers with excellent quality replacement animals including bulls, heifers and cows.  With the addition of genetics from England lately, we will have even more variety to offer.

Partridge Chantecler Chickens
You can’t help but love these chickens. They have a beautiful and elegant plumage and produce delicious brown eggs. The Heritage breed, Partridge Chantecler, was developed in Edmonton, Alberta in the early 1900’s. These chickens were bred to stand our cold Canadian climate, having small combs and wattles that do not easily freeze. They lay beautiful light brown eggs and have a reputation as a good winter layer. The breed is well known for being calm and gentle, an excellent choice for a small flock.

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